Astro-Tourism or roaming to view the stars, is the fastest growing segment of the Travel Industry. Millions of people are interested in learning about the Universe we live in and the night sky is an amazing resource you can capitalize on.

Stargazing Tonight has thrilled thousands of people with Stargazing Tours since 2006. Our programs are filled with cultural stories, Native American music, viewing through crystal-clear optics with objects being pointed to with high-powered lasers. It's safe, fun and an amazing experience people enjoy, remember and share with others on social-networks.

If you are looking for a business opportunity that is unique, lucrative and fun we offer a turn-key solution, including training for starting and operating your own Stargazing business from either a fixed location where you live (providing dark skies are close-by) or travel in your RV and provide Stargazing Tours to groups at private, state and federal park campgrounds.

Star Parties while entertaining, also educate the public about the importance of reducing artificial light pollution and the need to protect our dark sky natural resources.

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U2 can be a Dark Sky Guide