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​In the dark skies over Kanab on a moonless night, you can see 7,500 to 14,000 stars, the Milky Way, many Zodiac constellations, celestial objects, shooting stars and several planets. 

Join us for a magical Stargazing Tour with cultural stories, Native American music, crystal-clear optics and high-powered lasers and learn something about the Universe we live in. Its safe, fun and an amazing experience that you will remember. 

Star Party Tonight 9:30 pm. Limited to the first (5) couples.

$25. p/p (min. 2 adults). Drive to our location or call for Door to Door Shuttle Service $5. p/p.

​For reservations call (435) 899-9092 or send us a Text Message with the number of people in your group. 

Stargazer Alert: ​
85% of U.S. population cannot see the Milky Way because of artificial light pollution. Come with us and view this amazing sight! Don't spend your vacation sleeping, stay up and let's go on an adventure.
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