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In the dark canyons of Kanab on a moonless night, you can see 7,500 to 14,000 stars, the Milky Way, many Zodiac constellations, meteors and several planets. One of the best locations in Utah for viewing the stars.

Join us for some Stargazing just minutes from town where we will tell you stories about the night sky, point out celestial objects with hi-powered lasers, look at planets and star clusters through crystal clear optics and you will learn something about the Universe we live in. Its an amazing experience that you won't want to miss.

Min. 2 people (shuttle service and sales tax included). Call for pricing info. 

Star Parties begin at 10:30pm. Call (435) 644-2540 to reserve your place now. Space is limited and often sold out each night.
Milky Way Galaxy
Andromeda Galaxy
Lasers, Optics and Music
Voted #1 Nighttime Attraction in town.

Stargazer Alert: 
Fantastic dark skies in Kanab during the month of August. Stars are bright and the view is amazing. Come have some fun and learn about the Universe will live in tonight.

Make your reservations early for our Star Party at 10:30pm. 

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